Friday, September 30, 2011

Stripes Combining , white modern blahblahblah.

there i am . confused with some idea of structure . i randomly choose these design By Johnny Young , ELFTUG , and Ivailo to drawn . 

 Did you love Busnelli ?? i love how they interpreting their work in design with minimalistic design but full of beauty . Sorry , i just say it on my own brain because i only beginner .

i love white 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

the lazy girl in switch ON mode

i am too lazy to done any tasks. while my Modem inactive, I have nothing to post. since my hp doesn't have flash to posting pics now I'm not gonna use pics to tell.
I'll just write it blatantly.


amd I must do Drawing. of course I only can draw a things, not a life-size objects. so I was and yet AGAIN STUCK idea.

what must I draw? ? my room again?? oh no, it will unleash my sin -a messy room to show?? no no-

since I'm Miss Save As, I copied a picture and voilaaa... I draw it perfectly destroyed.
well whatever, I only done my best at it.

have a nice Thursday everyone! may your task B+ !! Me too!! amiiiiiiin.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Design, The art and The Glory of white

i love white color touch in everywhere . the design of these furniture and air of room makes it simple yet easy at breathing .  at the end of touch there's a pastel touch that makes it feels " my real home" . although I'm not design interior student , but the beauty can inspire me to built something more reminiscences feeling and touch of post-modernism but earthly feel . "I'm in home" .

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What did you eat today ?

indonesian call it ' Bokek ' . yes . me . i have NO MONEY . since i am an architect student , i have spent lot of money to buy many things to college . yeah and now baby i have no money . aaaaaaahh

luckily my friend had a birthday yesterday and she saved me !! yeeaaaah . thanks to her , i got to save a bit of money . Love you Friends !!

what i eat today ?? it's breakfast menu .

1 fried egg without oil -fried cook-
cold tea without sugar

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

quotes 3

waste foods brought no charm . because foods you eat reflecting how healthful you are .

Quote 2

even if someone slaps you , don't think to thrown the same back . just give smile and those will understand .

See Tavi Givenson , meet The Rookie Style

Did you ever hear name Tavi Givenson ?? or maybe are you a rookie in fashion style and blog ?? so you must meet my favorite girl , Tavi . she is only 3 years younger than me , but she is one of the coolest girl i have seen . I sneak peek a little at her blog and save as many of her look . You must believe this girl only 15yo . 

With her vintage and unique unrequited style everyone can recognize her at sec in fashion street . Well , she now meet so many fashion persons and -if i not wrong-makes her own brand shirt ! wow . and so she is the favorite girl of many brands . 

can't wait to see her grown up more . what more she can do ??

if i can i wanna ask her for some camera shoot advice , you know , i bad at photograph !! not to mention also -ahem!- soooomeee advice in vintage style . tehehe . . 

meet Tavi at thestylerookie

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lets see first job | Abstract

So , my first assignment with miss lecture undo . until Friday i tough .  Only two days and i am blank . you see , my art work in miserable state . i got no creativity . in other word , STUCK .see , i'm not so confident to get B+ since the range high for these is only 18cm and mine 28cm . yup! 10cm more or too much . so what ? i redo it ?? yeah , but in last i changed my mind and done it like before . that's my Masterpiece and i love it . so , miss lectures , I love my Works !!

See ? how unpredictable my work is ! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Catch my cold

i have been sick with flu . yesterday i went tough my friend home to see a cute cat . an angora . but then it start to acho . maybe thats the consequence i had for long time not having pet . but i do love those cuty . . . . .

Friday, September 16, 2011


Everyone has a secret that he doesn't want others to know about . 
a secret can still be if we keep shut up and bring it until die .

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Innocence motif

Plain motives now in . what we gonna think about only playing with colors . wherever it's soft color or strong color . if you think you can dress only one color its fine . but , hear it darla , don't wear it almost all same color . from head to toe like purple only , and all the same there is no gradient color . didn't you look alike eggplant ?? so , done bit color gradient , like light purple and dark purple and soft or maybe another color a bit .
isn't it beautiful to done a contrast color in plain motives ? ? see them who Good at it ! !

The Upstairs feels better

Horaiiiii DONE !! finally my task . i can't think more than these . my imagination always lack if it's something complicated . but i was more interested about how i get out of this task so i done it as soon as possible .

with a bit of modification , here they are ! !