Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1000 viewer

maybe for some people 1000 viewer not the same as 1000 followers, but i already very grateful, since i never hit more than 300 viewers in all my old blog. but now, i decided to socialite more and promote my blog. now i almost cry finally it reached 1000 viewers for only 1 month.. :)
thankyou you guys who take a look at my blog, and you who leave comments on my blog, i'm very thankful for you... it's give me a good vibe, that i now enjoy blogging thanks to all of you guys :')

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Friday, May 25, 2012

their request

since i have been candid my friends things, they now requesting their things to be posted. hahahaa... well, i choose some cool things of their own. here's some, from my friends and my friends :)

this picture taken by Jejen, and I DO agree. FINALLY, my hardest task DONE. since i'm in architecture major, i have to face this SKB and i hope i've done well with the grade.

last week, i WIN Maize giveaway with cute yellow top for the prize. soo happy!! take a look at their collection, it's adorable!!

Tika (@tyktykaaa)'s bag. i think it's super cool!! with the tiger and leopard pattern, i in love at first sight on it.

Cyntia used to love wear this bag a lot lately. why it's cool?? because she wear the same shirt pattern as the bag.

introduction, my bag. it's from Elizabeth. it's a postman bag.

it's Cyntia shoes, a Crocs in Tosca.

it's Tika shoes

Eka () shoes. she asked to post it for me. the colorful string makes a different look for the tomboy shoes she had. Eka has a good taste!

Cyntia's bag

AND this last two photo are Arisha's shoes. all the flats she had are adorable. maybe someday i'll post the collection of her cute shoes?? who know.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

their life

just post my friend daily habit and her instagram.
i just too lazy and busy to take a picts by myself. since it's holiday, some of my friends went to their hometown.
happy holiday guys!

she had a cupcake and i want too T~T look tasty!

she find a new cafe to go! bring me to it sometime! it sound tasty #sluuuurppp

yes, she love it

*this photo was taken by instagram

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


instead of changing my background picture with some floral pattern, i immediately change it to batik. yeah, i love batik and want to share around the world our lovely heritage, Batik.
now batik is not out of fashion, it's now popular and some of our Indonesian honorable designer such as Anne Avantie make batik popular along with Kebaya. 


and last, is my favorite picture and piece. it's embroidery Kebaya. beautiful right??

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

what i interested now

bangles. i have many, but yeah, we can't resist to want moreee and moooree bangles. it's never enough bangles to wear!

i taken it with a standard camera app in my phone(regret the quality). it's just half of my rings, and the other half are not in it's place. i found a shopping place in my town selling many cute bangles and rings. super cute and almost the same if you compare them with the quality in international online shop. and of course, cheap!

ok, that's the latest bow i buy. i have maaaannyy bow(i can't count it again -__-'').
i obsessed with it. since i'm quite a tomboy, my friends surprised when i entered accessories shop, i grab some bows in no time and bring it to cashier, one said "I never ever could imagine you'll buy a bow! a cute bow!". and the other one said "did you really wear that??". and blah blah. you know, i really love bow, and maybe another time i'll share my bow collection??

flowers pattern. as i read in some blogs, now i interested and crazy with flowers pattern. i think i'll change my  layout with flowers pattern(i know, my blog already take it, but i want more vintage one)

i'll make this project. a candellier. i'll make it in my room wall. i'll show you the result later.

Monday, May 14, 2012

campus shoes and new apps

i found a photography apps at android market lately, and i seems crazy with it now.
it call pixlr-o-matic . in some reason my phone cannot install instagram even if i already forced it, so i try many photo apps to get almost-the-same effect with instagram.
but well, i already satisfied with this one. no need for instagram anymore! :)

my first pic taken with effect from pixlr-o-matic apps. looks bad actually :(
bellow, i taken some of my friends shoes(secretly) and edit with pixlr-o-matic apps. it's cool.

(she make a weird feet position.please don't mind it) hehehee.e....

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ombre Hair

First, know about Ombre hair style (i'm obsessed for!..)
but it's so sad that i can't dye my hair :'(  
What is Ombre ? (for you who unfamiliar whit this word)
Ombre hair color has become a popular concept; however, many are still not sure of what it is exactly.
If you need a visual, think of dark hair at the scalp and lighter on the ends. Usually the color blends from dark to light with no harsh transition line.
The word Ombre is a French word for shading or graduating. Hair stylists have coined this terminology to describe a color technique that they have been using in the salon.
The color style is worn by many “A” list stars of Hollywood such as actress Drew Barrymore, Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker.
Although this technique could be used on short to medium hair, it tends to look best on long flowing locks. Depending on the two tones used, you can have a very contrasting color or a natural subtle look.


and this BLUE & TURQUOISE ombre hair. so cool!

this is a tutorial i got from haironthebrain

DIY Ombre Hair:
  • Don’t use blonde hair dye for this process because you need major lift (i.e., bleach). Get a highlighting kit instead.
  • To get the ombre affect, you can apply the solution to the ends of you hair, let it process, wash it off, and then apply the solution again–this time focusing on the ends only. This will help you get lighter ends, hence ombre. Keep in mind that you can go as light as you want on the end because this is where you want your hair the blondest.
  • Another way to achieve this is to apply the color all at once, but apply the solution on the tips first, applying more solution here. Let it process and then move up toward your chin, applying more solution, but never going above chin level.
  • Toward the end of the lightening process, you can also pop in just a fewhighlights around your face, if you want to break up the color.
  • Always note your processing time. The longer the solution is on your hair, the more the color will lift. Begin coloring with a plan in mind.
  • If you’re more experienced, you can also use a hair color brush to paint on the solution. Focus on the bottom of your hair using the balayage technique that stylists use to create ombre hair.
  • As with any at-home hair color, always read the directions that come with the color!

sigh... too sad i can't do it... do to my believe , i'm forbidden to do that.. well, i think i can make it solved by wear a tie die ombre  hijab ??

Problem solved ! kaaaan?? hehehee...