Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holiday is always fun!

yeah, i think i'll delay my post about new in clothes, but no i'll post my new craft excitement to make a bracelets!! yeah!
i tell you i'm not quite creative and crafty person but i challenge myself and say "i can make it!"
and a week ago i just bought a new shoe tie and its just lying around on my desk untouched. it's a shame since i love the color and it's holiday means i stayed in home for almost all day long and never go out if it's isn't necessary. but when i found this pic

i try to make my own with the new and old shoe tie, and here's the result

yeah, for the first try it isn't always good, but i'm satisfied with the result, it's so cute ans simple!
you guys should try it!
i found the link for the tutorial, here you can choose your own type <3

actually my favorite is utility cord bangle and i have the 'ingredient' too.. maybe i'll try it tomorrow because i have all the day , hahahaaa... i love holiday !! :D

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Big Gift

it's necessary for me to launched a NEW IN item for my closets! aah~ i'm super excited !
since this last 2 months i joined many giveaway and luckily i win 3 of -idk how many- giveaway! yaaaayy!! so happy!
the lovely 2 of 3 items already arrived yesterday and i'm so excited to introduce my new baby <3
here's some "teaser" -i cannot take a high quality one that time, sorry :( -

yeah, very low quality pics, i take it in my mom new buy bedsheet , and she unsatisfied with it -__-"

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Live, Love, Laugh!: Birthday Giveaway

Live, Love, Laugh!: Birthday Giveaway: Hey guys! This post will contain assorted photos of my daily life. And yes I'm reached 21 years old today, happy birthday to me! Sensationa...