Sunday, January 6, 2013

favorite new year MV "I GOT A BOY" Girls Generation

As you know, i'm a fan of K-Pop. and i always search for a good one. i love rap and hip hop. colorful style and dramatic makeup. but all, i just love the let it flow things..cute theme don't fit me a lot. i just love colors. lately, Girls Generation make a comeback. as you know from my previous MV screen caps i love a colorful and bold things at MV. i crazy about rap songs. and i feel like this MV just fill all my favorite things in one go.  

so many said they don't like the mv first time watching it, but it's different from me though, i love it even in the first time hear it. well, it depends on your music preference.. i love up and beat music, rap session, miss match melody and techno, just like quite unique taste i had for music.

but this time lets just go forward for their style. color combine, tomboy, varsity jacket, military outfit, emblem, denim jacket, colorful accessories, lots of hair chalk, blink makeup, neon pink, and lots of sweeeeets..  

uh oh ! 
quite heavy but yet i'm satisfied. the MV are marvelous , the clothes are high, randomness is awesome ! high quality!